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Updated on June 19th 2021, 3:37:16 pm

Types of Sports Betting

Sports betting involves not only a passion for sports, but also a high level of knowledge designed to tip the scales in favour of the gambler. Here a look at the types of sports betting

Sports betting involves not only a passion for sports, but also a high level of knowledge designed to tip the scales in favour of the gambler. The world of sports betting does not focus exclusively on luck. The advantage of betting on matches and other sports matches is that the bettor has a say, if he is familiar with the sport he is betting on.

Knowing the style of play of a team or a player, as well as the other participants in the game, it will be easier for you to place bets with higher chances of materializing in winnings.

Sports you can bet on in online casinos include football, tennis, boxing, golf, basketball, handball, but also horse racing, cycling, hockey and darts.

If we refer to the betting offer of the bookmakers that offer their services through the Internet, we can make a classification of the bets according to the ratio between the time of placing the bet and the period of the event. So, we have 'live betting' and 'classic betting'.


Live bets are those bets that are placed during the actual event. They are also called 'in-running bets', 'live betting', or 'in-play betting'. These types of sports bets have appeared on the market only in recent years and we can only find them at a few bookmakers in the world (of the order of tens). In general, for live bets, a simple prediction is chosen on which to bet. Although the term 'live' can be translated as 'happening right now', virtually no bookmaker offers 'live' bets in the true sense of the word.

From the moment you ask for your bet to be validated until the moment your bet is accepted by the bookmaker, a certain 'latency time' generally takes between 4 and 8 seconds.


If during this time nothing important happens during the match, the odds do not decrease or increase, you have a chance that your bet will be accepted. Some houses give the possibility of accepting the bet (stake), and if the odds change, validating at the last odds (which may be different than the one you chose). During the development of different types of sporting events there are certain periods in which the odds offered are blocked by the bookmaker and no bets can be placed (e.g. tennis, football, etc.).

In general, at sporting events where a large number of points are scored, these odds blockages are rarer (e.g. basketball, handball, etc.). In the case of live betting, the bettor has the advantage of being able to watch the match on TV (or on the field). However, this advantage can never be raised at the level of bookmakers, which in addition to receiving live information about the match faster than a regular bettor (real-time broadcasts, use of terrestrial TV broadcasts instead of satellite, people seconded to matches), he also has a specialized man (bookmaker) who directs all the information received, including the stakes and odds set so far.


Classic bets are those bets that can only be placed before the actual start of the event. These types of sports bets can be placed either at an online bookmaker via the Internet, or at betting agencies where you pay with cash, receiving in return a ticket with the chosen bet.

The major advantage of these types of bets is given in terms of the maximum stake that can be placed for a simple bet. If in live betting, the maximum allowed bets generally do not exceed the value of a few hundred dollars, in classic bets these



maximum risky amounts can be at least 10 times higher.


If we refer to the type of bet that can be chosen, 3 types of bets are especially highlighted, namely: direct bets, handicap bets and total bets.

Direct bets are those bets by which the winner of the game or the tie at the end of the regular playing time is chosen. Each bookmaker defines its regular playing time for different sports according to its own rules. The regular playing time differs from many bookmakers in general for football, basketball and ice hockey.

Handicap bets are those bets that give a points advantage (or subunits of points) to the team considered by the bookmaker to be at a disadvantage so that the odds are balanced around the odds of 2.00.

This quantification of the disadvantage may depend on several factors such as: the statistical results obtained by the teams in the last period; injuries suffered by important players in teams; major imbalance in the total amounts bet on the combat teams.


In the offer of bookmakers there are offers with European handicap bets and offers with Asian handicap bets. The European Handicap is a particular case of the Asian Handicap in that it is full-fledged and with three possible variants.

Total bets are those bets that choose the number of total points scored during the regular time of the sporting event. These types of bets can be with two possible events 'below total' or 'over total' or with three possible events 'below total', 'over total' and 'exactly total'.