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Updated on June 23rd 2022, 2:11:59 pm

How Fantasy Sports became a New Generation Online Betting?

Fantasy Sports is the talk of the town in India. Fantasy Sports has earned a huge visibility across India. Check out here How Fantasy Sports became a New Generation Online Betting?

Fantasy Sports is the talk of the town in India and now almost everywhere we see different Fantasy Sports companies coming along and they have different players advertising for them as well.  Fantasy Sports has earned a huge visibility across India and it has happened both naturally and online and through media and entertainment channels and popular leagues like the IPL where they show their advertisement and people go to their platforms for online Betting. This industry is growing so fast and almost all major events have a Fantasy Sports company as their sponsor.

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Although the first Fantasy Sports company which became a unicorn and was the pioneer in online Betting is Dream 11 and the fact that it once held the IPL title sponsorship says a lot about this business has exploded in the past few years and following the lead of Dream 11 so many others have come ahead. It is a fascinating space and seeing millions of people sitting in their homes and getting on these fantasy sports websites and apps and doing online Betting

The Start

Fantasy Sports started in the year 2018 and then Dream 11 was the leader in that market with over 90% of the 40 million users at that time and not only in cricket but also in basketball, football and the Indian sport of Kabaddi. Dream 11 still remains the dominant player in the market with My 11 Circle slowly catching up . In 2018 when it all started no one knew that in 2022 there would be dozens of Fantasy Sports websites which would compete with each other to get the maximum users.

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The success of Dream 11 and different Fantasy Sports Types

Dream 11 was not only the first Fantasy Sports website in India but also they struck agreements with NBA in the USA and the Indian Super League which is the football league in India and following this other websites such as My 11 Circle, Howzar, Gamezy etc struck deals with sports leagues around the world. The growth in the number of operators is staggering as in 2017 there were only 10 but in 2018 after the success of Dream 11 there were 70 in total.

The Esports in Online Betting which is Fantasy Sports websites changed the game as they are also turning into a Multiplayer Battle Arena where they can play and compete with hundreds of other users and win a big prize. There are also sports simulation games like football and basketball and some offer IPL simulation as we ro their users.

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Fantasy Sports and it’s characteristics

As a type of online Betting Fantasy Sports is a standalone hybrid genre as it largely depends on the real like sporting events taking across the world however like other online Betting it also involves spending money , playing casually and employing strategy to fantasy Sports. Fantasy Sports is a combination of skill and the mind and a little bit of luck as the players have to make teams according to their choices and the amount they have and hope that they are successful. And the most fascinating part is that the players in Fantasy Sports get virtual points based on the real life Performances of the players in their sports.

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The users of Fantasy Sports

The younger generation who are into the sports are into Fantasy Sports as well because they know which player is likely to do well and thus they select those players and earn money. Knowledge about the sport and the players is also very important in Fantasy Sports. The users start with practice contests and then they enter themselves into a pool and contest to win a cash prize. And although most users stick to free play the number of advertisements, sponsorships and brand Endorsements they get are enough for the Fantasy Sports websites to earn a lot of the money.

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