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Updated on June 17th 2022, 10:49:41 am

Men’s Money in the Bank 2022 Betting Odds and Predictions

Now that the Money in The Bank PPV is just a few weeks away. We will look at the Betting Odds and Predictions of the Men’s Money in the bank 2022.

Now that the Money in The Bank PPV is just a few weeks away let’s have some fun and let’s do a Betting Odds and Predictions of the Men’s Money in the bank first and till now only Seth Rollins has been confirmed as a participant and there is a very strong chance he might win it all. It will be interesting to see who helped add in this match.

Let’s look at the probable wrestlers who are the Betting favorites to win it and as well give my predictions along with it as well.

Seth Rollins – 1.50 (Favourite)

The Betting Odds favorite to win the Money in the Bank match 2022 is Seth Rollins and rightfully so. He is the only Superstar that has been added in the match and I also feel he will win it because it is his time to win something big now that he has lost so much and put other people over so much. He is also doing the best work of his career and this current obnoxious character of Seth Rollins holding the Money in the bank with Roman Reigns as the Champion will be fun to watch.

Drew McIntyre – 6.00 (2nd Favorite)

The second favorite to win this match is Drew McIntyre According to Betting Odds and I agree with this as he is not as strong a contender as Seth Rollins because he has already called his shot at Roman Reigns at Clash of the Castle which will be held in the UK. Then him winning Money in the bank would not make that much sense also and traditionally this match is for the heels to win so that we can see what they will do with it.

Sami Zayn – 10.00 (3rd Favorite)

This pick is a very interesting pick for a lot of reasons and he is 3rd according to the Betting Odds but I would put him above Drew McIntyre. That is because Sami Zayn wants to become an honorary member of the Bloodline and as Roman Reigns is the World champion the Bloodline would want Sami Zayn to win the contract so that they can be assured he will not cash in on Roman Reigns only for Sami Zayn to betray the bloodline and cash in on them.

Kevin Owens – 12.00 (4th Favorite)

Kevin Owens is 4th on the list of favorites for the Men’s Money in the bank 2022 and he would be an interesting choice as well although he is not my pick because he is in a story with Ezekiel and Elias so that will continue for sometime. However, Kevin Owens deserves some reward for the great work he has been doing consistently for WWE over a long period of time but I feel this year is not his year.

Theory – 15.00 (5th Favorite)

The 5th and final superstar that we will talk about is the United States Champion Theory as he is the 5th favorite according to Betting Odds to win the Money in the Bank match and I don’t agree with the Betting Odds simply because John Cena is returning one week before the PPV and at SummerSlam he will challenge Theory and it doesn’t make sense for Theory to be in this match even though he is Vince McMahon’s prodigy.